Getting Things Done As If It Really Matters

New Year’s Eve. New Year’s resolutions. Time to start fresh.

I usually don’t give a rat’s ass about January 1 as a time to start something new. Maybe I operate on different cycles, Maybe I have different motivators. But it doesn’t matter much to me.

Oh, and I have a pretty bad track record of follow through, discipline, willpower in many areas of my life. Avoidance seems to be an obvious way to avoid disappointment.

But I still have a DO problem…a getting things done problem. Too much on my plate but no matter, lots of these things really need to get done. Dissertation screams and needs to be wrapped up by the end of summer.

I like tinkering (aka dicking around) with GTD methods and devices and tools and hacks. I’m up-to-speed on just about everything out there.

But, no amount of GTD software or ideas can really get that train moving.

One piece that seems to be missing is something in the realm of peer pressure or “caring” by someone else (caring as wonderfully described by Milton Mayeroff’s “On Caring“). A support group, people who are engaged and willing to help one get toward your goals. Allies, human or otherwise.

I have allies. I have worked to figure them out. I have not summoned them well. I have difficulty with object permanence, so I don’t “hold” them in my awareness on a regular basis very well.

One area that strikes me as a possibility, a real possibility, is some form of online support. Maybe finally doing hyperlinks on this blog, posting to sites, and connecting to the outside world will help this. I see all these communities, I lurk, but I never walk through the door. I’m also sure there’s same lameass “THAT’S only for other people” thing going on. You often feel excluded when you’re in new territory.

So, I’m going to try it. This year.

Some slick new ideas swimming around my head, including software such as Lifetick and BubbleTimer, have come on my radar. Emailing the folks that make it, that use it, that live it, touching case. All of that stuff.

If someone would kick me down an iPod Touch, I surely would be in the Things or OmniFocus realm, among others. There are really slick apps and if I have the device in front of me all the time. My Curve has some potential, but it’s not working for me too well just yet.

I’ll post how it goes.

Relate to this? Let’s connect.

Happy New Year.