Curve and Storm and iPod Touch

So I’m knee deep in the pre-doc internship and things are getting out of hand. Busy is an understatement. The two boys (two under 3) are about 5 handfuls. My dissertation hasn’t even reached completed proposal stage. We still have some boxes that have not been unpacked from the move (times 2). Exercise in non-existent.

Am I ready to pop? You bet your ass I am.

And this is the busiest I’ve been in, well, ever. There’s a quality about being busy that includes not being home as much as I’m used to. There are no “off” days since my wife basically works a substantial portion of when I’m home.

Am I getting things done? You bet your ass I wish I was.

So I have capture tools. Maybe too many. But having those lists and to-dos and big rocks and all that shyt IN FRONT of me when I need them is not happening. I need a portable tool, with phone numbers and directions and such IN FRONT of me the moment I need them. Moments to get things done, especially as they pertain to family and person things, are so few and in short, distracted chunks that I need help.

So I was thinking that the Curve just isn’t doing it for me. My small moleskin is not doing it for me. Note cards are not doing it for me.

I wanted to Storm as a toy, but then I saw it ratcheting-up my portability of GTDness – bigger screen, umm, yeah, that’s all I can come up with now. Note: I have drooled over the iPhone, but for those that have read some of my posts, I do have some reality-based ideas about a phone actually working virtually 100% of the time. The iPhone just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Then, I realized, I can dive back into some of the Mac apps that I’ve used or tried out in GTDland. But, would they transfer to my Curve? Only the web-based ones, and frankly, it takes too long to log in and have things ready. I’ve tried a few on my Curve, but I’m not that happy with the execution (yes, back to screen size for one).

Ahhh, I can have my candy and eat it too. And this would be fitting with my expanding waist line and “back.” iPod Touch. I can keep all my Apple glory, have a phone that works, and still have access to email around the clock to distract me from “Life in Hell” or at least to attempt to keep in touch when I can. Should I be spending that type of money on a device? No. Credit card debt haunts me. Student loans? Don’t even go there.

But the shyt is about to hit the fan, and I need to jump start my ability and capacity to get things done. And so does my wife. Maybe I could try Things or other apps on the Touch. Sucks I couldn’t have immediate access to maps and such, but the Curve could pull it out when necessary. Could Google maps be saved over devices? How dorky would I feel to have two devices? There’s no way I could by-pass the 32 gb touch since my music collection is so large and I’d love to catch up on The Office. Questions and complications abound.

I want to impulsively just get one. I wonder what new release will happen for Apple in January. Will I miss an even sweeter device? I could swallow that, especially if a new device leads to a less expensive Touch.

IPod Touch as pda/toy? I guess that’s what it was made for…I frequent Starbucks in attempts to catch up on work or fiddle with dissertation, so would I finally be able to use their wireless?

Thoughts from the gallery?