Do you call yourself an “environmentalist?”

Anyone else feel that this is a vague and inaccurate label or term? “Environmentalist” means you are…what? Aware of the environment or ecology or systems theory or what? The environment, that awesome and nondescript place. But beavers kill trees, so is a “good environmentalist” supposed to club beavers? (Blatant “Arrested Development” hoist) It’s just more of the same display of vague language that dilutes any meaning and specificity that could potentially increase positive discourse.

Maybe someone should start a movement for “technologists.” Wouldn’t that ruffle some non-endangered species’ feathers? How about this exchange:

“Yeah, I work as a computer programmer.”

“Oh, so do you technologists believe that our technology can help our society progess?”

“Ummm, I make graphics for Mac programs, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about exactly without more information.”

“But all you technologists care about are computers.”

“Ummm, I work for about 40 hours a week and have lots of hobbies and a family and yes, use some cool gadgets to help me live a balanced life.”

Anyway, I’ve beaten that point to death. But how weird is it to be called an “environmentalist” when I really spend my energy dealing with river issues, for instance. I also am just shy of officially becoming a “psychologist.” The word “environment” carries a very large amount of importance in my work, too.

Hrmm, maybe I should call myself a “social environmentalist” then. There’s social ecology, too. No wonder I’m confused.

And when did the phrase “Global Warming” hijack anything and everything that has to anything to do with conservation and ecological issues?