Stanley Cup Finals – Go Wings!!

It’s on, folks.  We made it to the Finals.  I’ve been able to watch a ton of really amazing hockey all playoffs, including my team (the Wings) which I saw so rarely on tv being out there in New Hampshire.

But it’s on.

And it outta be a great series.

The hockey this year has been so so good.  Like really really phenomenal.  What is happening on the ice forgives double scheduling the Detroit Pistons playoff run.  And as I told a buddy of mine (who’s never played the game and complains about everything) who was ranting about scheduling conflicts and tv coverage and all:  DON’T LISTEN TO BETTMAN!!  Why would you listen to an interview with him?  Why would you give him the time of day?  You know crap is gonna come out of his mouth.

So the “product” on the ice is what we’re all here for.

And it’s gonna be a dandy.

Livin’ the dream.

Go Wings!