Cell Phone P0rn

Ok, back to some of the basics, such as cell phone p0rn.

Anyone in the same boat as me? So the next iPhone is likely going to be introduced very soon. 3.0 seems to be just what I’ve been waiting for. The App Store has anything and everything one could want, and I’ve even read in a few places (ok, likely one report regurgitated 100 times) that AT&T may reduce the monthly charges by $10.

So, is it time to take the plunge?

I’m been pretty damn happy with my Curve on Verizon. The Curve keeps me entertained just enough to feel like it’s the right device, but I’ve got a wandering eye.  The Storm 2 might be nice if I’m going to just end up staying with Verizon.  People reasonably satisfied with the first one?  Know anything about the second one?

Palm on Sprint? Not that crazy about it. I actually don’t like the form factor too much. Just doesn’t do it for me. Stick with Verizon? It is the best service around, and now that we’re settled in this new metro area, I STILL hear people saying that AT&T service leaves much to be desired (I’m in Mamaroneck, NY and have been working in Stamford, CT).

Conveniently enough I forget to think about the cash that would have to leave my hands for the switch to the iPhone. That cash is, of course, multiplied by two unless I am truly desiring being single again and not live with the two cutest boys on the planet. Pay for setup, phones, apps…just coming off 5 years of being broke ass (well, still broke ass for now until my dissertation is done) is not the best time for this. But…

Folks still happy with their iPhones? Anyone gotten used to a keyboard like the Curve’s and then made the switch to just typing on the screen? I’ve gotten pretty fast, and I know there are folks that can’t live without a real keyboard. Personally, I’d like to be less tied to any device, but well, I take that back. I probably do.

Added 5/26:  I also wonder how many Blackberry apps will be available that remotely come close to what works on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  I am a Mac user so it’s obvious which device will be a better fit.  I’ve been thinking that I’ll go freaking bonkers if AT&T’s service sucks, and maybe it’s time to just go iPod Touch. 

Wait for a newer model after June?  Wait unti they’re sold with 3.0?  Anyone happy with their iPod Touch AND Verizon phone?  Might be a good time to cut back on the Blackberry $30 expense, too, then.  But BBM, some email, being online, etc. seem like nice bonuses.  The Touch would be more like a pda and toy only.  Hrmm…


Curve and Storm and iPod Touch

So I’m knee deep in the pre-doc internship and things are getting out of hand. Busy is an understatement. The two boys (two under 3) are about 5 handfuls. My dissertation hasn’t even reached completed proposal stage. We still have some boxes that have not been unpacked from the move (times 2). Exercise in non-existent.

Am I ready to pop? You bet your ass I am.

And this is the busiest I’ve been in, well, ever. There’s a quality about being busy that includes not being home as much as I’m used to. There are no “off” days since my wife basically works a substantial portion of when I’m home.

Am I getting things done? You bet your ass I wish I was.

So I have capture tools. Maybe too many. But having those lists and to-dos and big rocks and all that shyt IN FRONT of me when I need them is not happening. I need a portable tool, with phone numbers and directions and such IN FRONT of me the moment I need them. Moments to get things done, especially as they pertain to family and person things, are so few and in short, distracted chunks that I need help.

So I was thinking that the Curve just isn’t doing it for me. My small moleskin is not doing it for me. Note cards are not doing it for me.

I wanted to Storm as a toy, but then I saw it ratcheting-up my portability of GTDness – bigger screen, umm, yeah, that’s all I can come up with now. Note: I have drooled over the iPhone, but for those that have read some of my posts, I do have some reality-based ideas about a phone actually working virtually 100% of the time. The iPhone just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Then, I realized, I can dive back into some of the Mac apps that I’ve used or tried out in GTDland. But, would they transfer to my Curve? Only the web-based ones, and frankly, it takes too long to log in and have things ready. I’ve tried a few on my Curve, but I’m not that happy with the execution (yes, back to screen size for one).

Ahhh, I can have my candy and eat it too. And this would be fitting with my expanding waist line and “back.” iPod Touch. I can keep all my Apple glory, have a phone that works, and still have access to email around the clock to distract me from “Life in Hell” or at least to attempt to keep in touch when I can. Should I be spending that type of money on a device? No. Credit card debt haunts me. Student loans? Don’t even go there.

But the shyt is about to hit the fan, and I need to jump start my ability and capacity to get things done. And so does my wife. Maybe I could try Things or other apps on the Touch. Sucks I couldn’t have immediate access to maps and such, but the Curve could pull it out when necessary. Could Google maps be saved over devices? How dorky would I feel to have two devices? There’s no way I could by-pass the 32 gb touch since my music collection is so large and I’d love to catch up on The Office. Questions and complications abound.

I want to impulsively just get one. I wonder what new release will happen for Apple in January. Will I miss an even sweeter device? I could swallow that, especially if a new device leads to a less expensive Touch.

IPod Touch as pda/toy? I guess that’s what it was made for…I frequent Starbucks in attempts to catch up on work or fiddle with dissertation, so would I finally be able to use their wireless?

Thoughts from the gallery?

More Tech Babble – Blackberry Storm

I really wanted to get one. Well, I really wanted to try it out and if I liked it, I wanted one. I even had a rep at Verizon say he was willing to bend a few rules for me to get it as an upgrade to my Curve. Well, no follow through. AT. All Talk.

So that goes by.

Then I realize I want an ipod touch but obviously can’t just shell out that money right now. I was even willing to go back to a normal phone to do so. But with my schedule, chaotic life, and well, no time to do anything, being able to check email, keep in touch with friends (especially since we’re on our own here in NY until we get settled and meet some folks), etc. – all of this has been nice.

So if you have any ideas for how I can still get a Storm…IF, in fact, it’s been worth your pleasure, let me know.

Cell Phone Mystery – Will It Be Solved This Year?


I also pulled the trigger on cell phones. The reality is that we cannot afford to jump in the iPhone game right now. And with all the gripping about service and performance, I think it would be smart to wait until the next iteration.

Actually, I just realized the “new” iPods might be introduced tomorrow, so we’ll see about play devices.

I went for Blackberry Curves for each of us. Sure we’ll have the $29.99 per phone charge added on, but I basically got the 2 phones, 2 skins, 2 8gb cards for about $154. I can’t complain.

I’m sure it’ll be great, and staying with Verizon is the smart thing to do here. Everyone says it’s the carrier to have.

Thanks for all the feedback on this site and the great world wide webage.

Verizon and the LG Dare – Experience with the web browser?

It looks like I might have to suck it up (as if life could be so tough, even with no play money) and stick with Verizon. The service is really solid, I’m due for $100 from the NE2 program, and with my contract ending at the end of September, I’m waiting for a nice coupon or something in the mail. They sent me a two of them this year, but I didn’t need them at the time.

I wonder what a rep on the phone can do for me? If I go LG Dare, I’ll need a microSD card (that free 8gb deal ended) and I’ll need to finally pull the trigger on a bluetooth piece.

Anyway, who has experience using the browser on this phone? Decent? Crappy? Solid enough? I’m not going to read page after page, but I might want to check out online lists, hit some email, read a bit here or there, weather. Pretty low key stuff, especially once the honeymoon period ends. I’ve used MobileWeb on my current phone, and I found that at least with my little clamshell phone, I was bored of it after a week or so. There’s only so much news you can read while, well, you know…

Ok, cell phone freaks: iPhone 3G, LG Dare or Blackberry Curve?

So, I wish I had more disposable income. That’s the life of an almost done grad student. BUT, I need a new cell phone, I want a new toy, and I am not sure how my service will be when we move to the Larchmont, NY area in a week or so.

My wife and I only own Macs now. I’m very happy with that. We also currently have service with Verizon. As a carrier whose main function (to me) is to make and complete calls, they’ve been pretty darn good, especially since I lived in some dead zone areas of New Hampshire for almost 4 years.

After the honeymoon period ends, will the iPhone 3G’s shoddy battery life, other annoyances and omissions (stated every already), and hefty price tag (yes, for a 2-year contract, getting into the iPhone game carries a price) be worth it?

The Curve on Verizon looks good. I’ll get it cheap, I know I can rely on the service, and I don’t really feel like waiting until the Bold comes out because, well, I’m impatient.

The LG Dare is in the running, too. Yes, vastly different in functioning…or not. Will I really need to surf on Safari for $30/month?

And yes, the App Store is enticing and will run up the overall cost of the phone.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re perceptive at all, and not defensive or a fanboy of either, you’ll notice I really do want the iPhone. I want to want it, but my rational brain is somewhat alive and well, too.

Obviously I’m not spending much time talking about my overall needs. I want to keep this entry short. But some email, txt messages, some productivity access (GTD), good calls, media capacities, some nice fun and/or aesthetics…yeah, there ya go.

Anyone surprised by taking the jump to any of these phones? I’ve read too many reviews and whatnot already, so now I want to hear from real people who can evaluate their experience without freaking out for or against.


Cell phones, Smartphones, Blackberries, PDAs, Treos, hipsters and more

So here’s what I’d like in a perfect world: a reliable cell phone that gets great service.  Period.  Sure I live in a not-so-populated area of New Hampshire now, but this is the 21st century.  C’mon.  I’m also moving to southern CT in a few months, so that will completely eliminate any option of a service provider screwing up, right?

I also looking for this device to have more functionality that just being a phone.  I’m looking for some productivity and fun.

Productivity: some email (not necessarily pushed) and some way to use the getting things done (GTD) methodology.  There are a few applications I use with Mac OS X that I’d like to have on the phone, but I’m also open to revisiting web-based apps.  As for pure paper-based?  I just don’t think it’s gonna cut it.  I definitely do some things better on paper (e.g., brainstorm), but in the end, my little slips of papers for the HAVE-TOs for a particular day just aren’t enough for me.  I’ve tried tons of apps, so I don’t even know where to start in terms of what apps work with what phones.

I need something to help with my idea of “sticky discipline.”

Fun: While I don’t have any visions of turning into one of those folks who’s playing with a phone sitting down to eat somewhere, I do want to play a bit.  Music, web surfing, maps, some videos, hell old Atari 2600 vid games (wouldn’t that be perfect for a 2.5″-3″ screen??!), and Facebook (yes, I just got on and am having a fun time tooling around with this.  It’s a party I’m ok being very late to) are a start.

I’m also currently a Verizon subscriber, and from what I’ve heard, it might be a good idea to stay with them.  Even family with AT&T and an iPhone down there say the service leaves something to be desired.  I’m guessing that’s not going to change even with a new model coming out soon.

So I’ve been looking at the Samsung Glyde, iPhone, Blackberry Curve and a few others.  This Sony Ericsson Experia X1 looks like what I want, but I’m not sure what service it’ll use and it’s likely to be pretty pricey.

Obviously these are all pretty different, but I’m flexible.  I can also geek out like the best of them, so that’s the direction I’d err in.  I’m also a bit confused about the whole notion of an unlocked phone.  Well, I think I get how it works, but how to make it happen is a different story.  Plus, I’m not ready to pay $800 for a phone.  Verizon’s going to give me my NE2 and some other cash as I get to the end of my contract.

So any advice?  I’ve searched high and low and not found anyone speaking this directly to my needs.  Some need email from their company’s server (I don’t), some don’t care about music or videos (I’d like to be able to do that), etc.  I don’t currently have a GPS device (want one) and I don’t think I can afford a new cellie AND an iTouch (plus, the iTouch only have up to 32gigs of space?? ).

If you’ve stumbled upon this site and courageously read this far, I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.  It would really help me out.  I’m hoping to make a decision in the next couple of months, if not sooner.