I’m pulling the trigger…

It’s time. The mighty Samson seems to be doing a bit better in terms of the overall allergy picture, but his ears are still a mess. I can’t keep up.

He’s responded positively to Temaril-P in the past, and I just ordered some. Time to nip this smelly, gross ear funk in the butt. Samson also seems to have a very sensitive spot just inside one of his ears. It’s heart-wrenching to hear this 75+ pound ball of yellow love yelp like a little puppy, even when you just pet that ear.

The move to New York may have helped a bit, but he’s also inside much more than he used to be in New Hampshire. Regardless, it’s time to use some “medicine,” and this time, it’s strong medicine.

Side note: his rear right knee isn’t doing so hot. He’s had TPLO surgery on both rear knees, but this one is never really gotten him back to tip top shape. Too much arthritis and such. He needed some of the shredded miniscus removed, so that doesn’t help any. I’ve heard clicking back there a couple times over the past few weeks.

And he’s only 7…. 😦


Smelly Dog Ears – Looks like it’s that time of year

Who would have guessed that my posts on Samson’s smelly, brown, gross, yeast-filled ears would be some of the larger hits on the site? Samson.

Having any luck? What are you doing?

I’m way behind in cleaning his ears, but having to move an entire house with 2 kiddos 2 and under doesn’t make it very easy. Like usual lately, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Rites of Passage – Allergies

It seems a bit odd to me to put the rites of passage and allergies together, but there really is a reason.

I did not have allergies growing up.  At all.  Then, cats and pollen and who knows what else started bothering me.  Spring became a difficult time since I love to be outside and I would get just filled with sinus pressure and misery.  This happened year after year.  10+ years later, I think it’s time to accept that fact that I have allergies.  Really.  😉

So as a rite of passage to personhood, to soul self (a la Bill Plotkin and others), adulthood self, etc., it’s time to just say aloud, “I have allergies.”

I am a part of the landscape.  I exist here in this time and place.  I can use medicine.  All of these are lessons I have learned recently in the past year, and they apply to allergies.  Yes, allergies.

Acceptance.  Saying “Yes” to the unfolding of life.  Sometimes this acceptance ss not so glamorous or intense or mind-blowing.  It’s just dealing with allergies.

And the wild thing about all of this?  Even though I am declaring this aloud now, I have been closer to acceptance over the past year.  This season, even though we had a long, beautiful, white winter here in New Hampshire, I am hardly being bothered by them at all.

Moving through (…or something…)

Onward and upward.

Smelly dog ears

So now Samson, our yellow lab, has a new ear funk.  It’s not as dark as the usual one, but with his allergies kicking in now that the snow is gone, we get to see some new ear funk.

And, like usual, it smells really bad.  Not as gross looking, but stinky.

Poor guy.  He’s itchy all over, shedding all over, and still giving us love all over.  I wish he weren’t allergic to so many things.  He has not been an inexpensive member of the family.  Thankfully (for him) he’s really good-looking and well-behaved and a lover to us and the boys.

Now to do round two of cleaning them out…as soon as I can clear a pathway through the hair on the floor…