The Blog’s Direction – Away from the [Tech] Heat

Ok, so I’m looking at the blog’s stats (yeah, now THAT’S called procrastination!) and I realized this summer I was getting a lot of hits when I was posting on cell phone this and that. It was hot. I hope I had some observations and questions that were helpful for people.

Then, we moved…twice…technically 3 times, and I didn’t post much. I still haven’t posted much then.

I’ve also realized I had bigger dreams for starting a blog, especially in the wilderness of integral studies, integral ideas and concepts, and those of us who defy easy categorization due to how our minds and souls work.

At the same time, with the intensity of my internship, this always-looming dissertation (please, Self, get going on the proposal, please), the move almost out of the way, two boys under 3 years old (amazing – in what they give to me and how much energy they use!), and the usual stressors of family and such, I haven’t had the time, psychic space, nor the creativity to really pound out posts.

I’m surely not going to keep posting on cell phones just to keep interest. I’ve also realized I’ve almost never posted to other people’s sites, so how in the non-Google world would anyone stumble upon the site?

So, I’ll keep posting the updates on this and that (get ready for a happy post – Samson’s ears have taken a turn for the much better!), but I’d really like to start throwing some raw ideas about this and that in the integral world. The recent move to the land of many people (20 miles outside of NYC) coupled with the economy/state of the country, has me really rolling on sustainable and ecological-friendly ideas for what our government and the rest of us can do to curb out dependence on oil (any oil, regardless of where it’s from) and live more in line with our sustainable selves.

Get ready for random posts. From a divergent mind. Trying to put it all together.

Feel free to post comments, ideas, etc. That’s what this is here for.


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