Getting Things Done As If It Really Matters

New Year’s Eve. New Year’s resolutions. Time to start fresh.

I usually don’t give a rat’s ass about January 1 as a time to start something new. Maybe I operate on different cycles, Maybe I have different motivators. But it doesn’t matter much to me.

Oh, and I have a pretty bad track record of follow through, discipline, willpower in many areas of my life. Avoidance seems to be an obvious way to avoid disappointment.

But I still have a DO problem…a getting things done problem. Too much on my plate but no matter, lots of these things really need to get done. Dissertation screams and needs to be wrapped up by the end of summer.

I like tinkering (aka dicking around) with GTD methods and devices and tools and hacks. I’m up-to-speed on just about everything out there.

But, no amount of GTD software or ideas can really get that train moving.

One piece that seems to be missing is something in the realm of peer pressure or “caring” by someone else (caring as wonderfully described by Milton Mayeroff’s “On Caring“). A support group, people who are engaged and willing to help one get toward your goals. Allies, human or otherwise.

I have allies. I have worked to figure them out. I have not summoned them well. I have difficulty with object permanence, so I don’t “hold” them in my awareness on a regular basis very well.

One area that strikes me as a possibility, a real possibility, is some form of online support. Maybe finally doing hyperlinks on this blog, posting to sites, and connecting to the outside world will help this. I see all these communities, I lurk, but I never walk through the door. I’m also sure there’s same lameass “THAT’S only for other people” thing going on. You often feel excluded when you’re in new territory.

So, I’m going to try it. This year.

Some slick new ideas swimming around my head, including software such as Lifetick and BubbleTimer, have come on my radar. Emailing the folks that make it, that use it, that live it, touching case. All of that stuff.

If someone would kick me down an iPod Touch, I surely would be in the Things or OmniFocus realm, among others. There are really slick apps and if I have the device in front of me all the time. My Curve has some potential, but it’s not working for me too well just yet.

I’ll post how it goes.

Relate to this? Let’s connect.

Happy New Year.


New Year’s Eve with Blind Melon

I cannot believe I am not going. The NYE show is even in my original home state, so I should be representing hard. Having had the NYC show cancelled just about a month ago, it would be so good. How many times have I actually done something on NYE that I was really psyched about, that I was really invested in.

But I do have my sister in town (from Portland, OR), my dad decided to come into town, some really good friends of ours are coming in for NYE/day (with their brand new baby boy. Welcome, Jonah!)…so this is what I need to dive into and focus on and be grateful for.

To all of you going, make sure you give your sweat and tears to the band, to each other. I would.

Sweet baby jeebus, Samson’s ears are lookin’ good!

Whether it’s the weather, the new pills, the new drops, a bit more time outside in the dry cold, less cleaning in the nooks and crannies with Q-tips, more love and patience as my mind/body system comes down from constant overload, or some cosmic intervention, SAMSON’S EARS ARE GETTING BETTER! His ears are getting back to that soft pink color and the brown beasties are going away. Even his belly looks nice and light pink.

I am ashamed to admit how much this makes me less tense. I actually feel better. It is crazy talk but it’s the truth.

Why? Less time schlepping gross, brown gook every other day. Less awful smell every time he shakes his head. Fewer Q-tips. No grossness being rubbed on furniture and floors as he tries to itch. Samson is happier, too.

It dawns on me that he’s been off his phenobarb for over a week, too. Maybe THAT was the magic piece. I’m sure it all contributes to this joyous occasion. 😉

So what is he currently on?

1) Temeril-P has worked in the past to bring his system under control, but I always worry about how much it taxes his liver. The most recent time he was on it he entered the land of peeing inside. It was during the move to the condo before the house, and we were on the second floor. It was hot, he drank a lot of water. Whatever. I was going to put him back on it but the new vet was out of it and I didn’t want to wait until he got them or didn’t want to pay shipping and wait for 800-ped-meds.

So the vet gave us straight prednisone. I guess I didn’t know the “P” of Temeril-P was prednisone, but that’s what he had. Supposedly stronger, so one little white pill twice a day.

Samson also got Simplicef since his ears had some blood (small ulcers) in them at times. I think it’s an antibiotic?

2) Ear drops that we recently used were called Zymox Otic. Nothing seemed to be really happening. The vet told us about Synotic, and I said, “Of course I’m trying anything to end this misery for all of us.”

A drop or two in the ear canal once each day, a good massage of his ears to get it deep where no Q-tip can reach (the canal makes a right turn in a dog…did you know that?), and that’s it.

3) Less cleaning. The vet told me the first time, and I didn’t listen. I assumed that I’d be doing it less because the redness and brown grossness would be going a way a bit. Since it wasn’t going anywhere and it continued to ooze out of his hear, I kept cleaning it. Once a day or twice a day. It would get that bad that quickly.

4) More love. More time just hanging out with the pooch. We also went out for our first night walk (I love them, especially in the winter) in our new neighborhood. Actually, we crossed into the next neighborhood where the houses were some of the largest and nicest I’ve ever seen. I’ve been able to just hang, with at least one ear flopped open, maybe some easy blowing into his ear to dry it out.

We’ll see how long it lasts. We’ll see what happens when spring rolls around (I know that’s a long way away) and there’s less frozen-ness all around.

But for now, it’s happening! What a Christmas gift, eh?

Moral of the story: It’s completely depends on your dog, so just keep at it.

The Blog’s Direction – Away from the [Tech] Heat

Ok, so I’m looking at the blog’s stats (yeah, now THAT’S called procrastination!) and I realized this summer I was getting a lot of hits when I was posting on cell phone this and that. It was hot. I hope I had some observations and questions that were helpful for people.

Then, we moved…twice…technically 3 times, and I didn’t post much. I still haven’t posted much then.

I’ve also realized I had bigger dreams for starting a blog, especially in the wilderness of integral studies, integral ideas and concepts, and those of us who defy easy categorization due to how our minds and souls work.

At the same time, with the intensity of my internship, this always-looming dissertation (please, Self, get going on the proposal, please), the move almost out of the way, two boys under 3 years old (amazing – in what they give to me and how much energy they use!), and the usual stressors of family and such, I haven’t had the time, psychic space, nor the creativity to really pound out posts.

I’m surely not going to keep posting on cell phones just to keep interest. I’ve also realized I’ve almost never posted to other people’s sites, so how in the non-Google world would anyone stumble upon the site?

So, I’ll keep posting the updates on this and that (get ready for a happy post – Samson’s ears have taken a turn for the much better!), but I’d really like to start throwing some raw ideas about this and that in the integral world. The recent move to the land of many people (20 miles outside of NYC) coupled with the economy/state of the country, has me really rolling on sustainable and ecological-friendly ideas for what our government and the rest of us can do to curb out dependence on oil (any oil, regardless of where it’s from) and live more in line with our sustainable selves.

Get ready for random posts. From a divergent mind. Trying to put it all together.

Feel free to post comments, ideas, etc. That’s what this is here for.

Update on Samson’s ears: The quest continues…

Nasty, smelly when he shakes his head, tender to the touch when he itches them or I am cleaning them…


Trying new things and getting nowhere really. He’s obviously got a pretty chronic case. Maybe, if I have time, I’ll post exactly what drops and other things we’re trying to do. It’s costing a lot of money and we’re all unhappy with it.

Maybe we’ll have a deep freeze winter, there will be no allergens outside, the food we’ve picked is fine, and the little gross brown nastinesses decide to leave.

That would make is all happy.

ANYONE finding anything that makes a dent?!?!