Long Break

It’s been a while since I posted. Two moves…or maybe three? Two in the same town and now we’re actually in a place we might not leave for a long time. Maybe. At least no immediate rush and no immediate desire to go somewhere else or better things pulling us in another place.

So I’ll get back to posting soon. A great many things on my plate, including a great many things I want to write about. They might not all fit with the zeitgeist of this blog, but there will be links when things move elsewhere.

I might also add that since I’m now groovin’ with my Curve on Verizon, I’ll likely see an 80% drop in blog traffic. I can’t believe how many people were lookin for information about cell phones. Of note is the fact that where our house is might be the only spot in all of the east where I don’t get full bars on Verizon. Of course…


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