More Tech Babble – Blackberry Storm

I really wanted to get one. Well, I really wanted to try it out and if I liked it, I wanted one. I even had a rep at Verizon say he was willing to bend a few rules for me to get it as an upgrade to my Curve. Well, no follow through. AT. All Talk.

So that goes by.

Then I realize I want an ipod touch but obviously can’t just shell out that money right now. I was even willing to go back to a normal phone to do so. But with my schedule, chaotic life, and well, no time to do anything, being able to check email, keep in touch with friends (especially since we’re on our own here in NY until we get settled and meet some folks), etc. – all of this has been nice.

So if you have any ideas for how I can still get a Storm…IF, in fact, it’s been worth your pleasure, let me know.


Blind Melon show again!!!

I wanted to leave this title up…to show all the potential that this coming Friday night in NYC had for me and for many others.

But now we must wait. The band has disbanded. There are so many ways to say it, and yes, each side has their story, but THEY WERE THE BAND, and now they are not. Period. They can “reform” but as of now, it’s done. It sucks. I am so disappointed.

I will post on the Blind Melon proboards site soon. I should have always been there, but I chose to hang out on the wall and I’ve never posted. But I’ve been a fan for a long time and have done a ton to help spread what they do.

But I can’t be a fly on the wall anymore, because I’ll likely have to burn this building down. Think these guys will really have it rolling in January?? I was incredibly moved by Unified Theory, and I thought that Chris had a great deal going for him. Hell, at least we know he gets along with 2 of the guys.

But as a permanent replacement? I’m just not sure. I would love to hear him sing from all THREE albums in addition to performing any UT material. Is it actually going to happen? Is it going to last longer than a short tour or two?

Is Chris a good guy? Of course. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting him at a Detroit UT show and some email contact when UT was taking flight. For no special reason than wanting to engage with some of my favorite musicians. Can he sing? Of course…wonderfully. Will he be great and gracious to the fans? Of course.

But I don’t see him arousing the pain, the anger, the sorrow, the soul, and so many more characteristics that exists in each of these songs. Is that a prerequisite to be the lead man for this group? No, but let’s face the facts. Part of why we all love this band is the intensity at which the human experience, the “whole” of the experience with the goods, the bads, the tragics, the losses, etc., is communicated through their music.

As of now, even if my completely bummed mood is not heavily influencing my opinion, I don’t think there’s much left.

And if so, I’ll continue to believe this to be one of the most special group of rock artists that ever was – their endurance, their subversive attitudes about all that is commercial and fake, their playing, and more importantly, what they do when they’re together.

I don’t want to challenge Rogers, Glen, Christopher, or Brad to “make it work.” Do what you have to do. I’m just trying to deal with the present.

This too will pass.

NaNoWriMo or Dissertation??? Ok, the choice is obvious…

But now that it’s November 1st, how great will it feel to potentially have next November available to write a novel of some sort! I don’t think I’ll have as much energy and excitement doing 50,000 words for my dissertation, but this is the time to start pounding some things out. It HAS to happen.

Have any good tips for keeping on it? Free babysitting offers? Prayers of clarity in terms of my topic? Recommendations for move forward with my proposal for a divergent thinker like myself?

Long Break

It’s been a while since I posted. Two moves…or maybe three? Two in the same town and now we’re actually in a place we might not leave for a long time. Maybe. At least no immediate rush and no immediate desire to go somewhere else or better things pulling us in another place.

So I’ll get back to posting soon. A great many things on my plate, including a great many things I want to write about. They might not all fit with the zeitgeist of this blog, but there will be links when things move elsewhere.

I might also add that since I’m now groovin’ with my Curve on Verizon, I’ll likely see an 80% drop in blog traffic. I can’t believe how many people were lookin for information about cell phones. Of note is the fact that where our house is might be the only spot in all of the east where I don’t get full bars on Verizon. Of course…