Cell Phone Mystery – Will It Be Solved This Year?


I also pulled the trigger on cell phones. The reality is that we cannot afford to jump in the iPhone game right now. And with all the gripping about service and performance, I think it would be smart to wait until the next iteration.

Actually, I just realized the “new” iPods might be introduced tomorrow, so we’ll see about play devices.

I went for Blackberry Curves for each of us. Sure we’ll have the $29.99 per phone charge added on, but I basically got the 2 phones, 2 skins, 2 8gb cards for about $154. I can’t complain.

I’m sure it’ll be great, and staying with Verizon is the smart thing to do here. Everyone says it’s the carrier to have.

Thanks for all the feedback on this site and the great world wide webage.


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