Verizon and the LG Dare – Experience with the web browser?

It looks like I might have to suck it up (as if life could be so tough, even with no play money) and stick with Verizon. The service is really solid, I’m due for $100 from the NE2 program, and with my contract ending at the end of September, I’m waiting for a nice coupon or something in the mail. They sent me a two of them this year, but I didn’t need them at the time.

I wonder what a rep on the phone can do for me? If I go LG Dare, I’ll need a microSD card (that free 8gb deal ended) and I’ll need to finally pull the trigger on a bluetooth piece.

Anyway, who has experience using the browser on this phone? Decent? Crappy? Solid enough? I’m not going to read page after page, but I might want to check out online lists, hit some email, read a bit here or there, weather. Pretty low key stuff, especially once the honeymoon period ends. I’ve used MobileWeb on my current phone, and I found that at least with my little clamshell phone, I was bored of it after a week or so. There’s only so much news you can read while, well, you know…