Ok, cell phone freaks: iPhone 3G, LG Dare or Blackberry Curve?

So, I wish I had more disposable income. That’s the life of an almost done grad student. BUT, I need a new cell phone, I want a new toy, and I am not sure how my service will be when we move to the Larchmont, NY area in a week or so.

My wife and I only own Macs now. I’m very happy with that. We also currently have service with Verizon. As a carrier whose main function (to me) is to make and complete calls, they’ve been pretty darn good, especially since I lived in some dead zone areas of New Hampshire for almost 4 years.

After the honeymoon period ends, will the iPhone 3G’s shoddy battery life, other annoyances and omissions (stated every already), and hefty price tag (yes, for a 2-year contract, getting into the iPhone game carries a price) be worth it?

The Curve on Verizon looks good. I’ll get it cheap, I know I can rely on the service, and I don’t really feel like waiting until the Bold comes out because, well, I’m impatient.

The LG Dare is in the running, too. Yes, vastly different in functioning…or not. Will I really need to surf on Safari for $30/month?

And yes, the App Store is enticing and will run up the overall cost of the phone.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re perceptive at all, and not defensive or a fanboy of either, you’ll notice I really do want the iPhone. I want to want it, but my rational brain is somewhat alive and well, too.

Obviously I’m not spending much time talking about my overall needs. I want to keep this entry short. But some email, txt messages, some productivity access (GTD), good calls, media capacities, some nice fun and/or aesthetics…yeah, there ya go.

Anyone surprised by taking the jump to any of these phones? I’ve read too many reviews and whatnot already, so now I want to hear from real people who can evaluate their experience without freaking out for or against.



11 thoughts on “Ok, cell phone freaks: iPhone 3G, LG Dare or Blackberry Curve?

  1. RiverKeeper says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I liked it when I took a look at it a couple weeks ago. While I shouldn’t really be able to afford it, I would like to get some form of a smartphone. I’m not sure if the browser and email would be enough with the Dare. But then again, maybe I should de-technology a bit once in a while – I stare at a screen enough…


  2. Darlene says:

    I just bought the LG Dare yesterday. I actually purchased the Blackberry Curve 3 days ago and just didn’t want to commit to 24 months @ $30 for internet access. I did some research and found that the Dare met all my needs. I could pick and choose what options I wanted and what month I wanted it.
    I love the Dare. It is so clear (the most important feature) and easy to manipulate. I am so glad I bought the Dare. It is awesome.

  3. RiverKeeper says:

    @Darlene, thanks a ton for the feedback. 2 days ago, I said “Forget it, I’m going for the iPhone.” Today? “Forget it, I’m getting a Dare.” And to think it took my wife and I like 2 days to compromise on a toaster when we were putting things on our wedding registry 8 years ago!!

    So yeah, I need reliable service, so hearing that from you is priority #1. As for my GTD implementation (rev. #103), today I was thinking of going back to paper (Moleskine notebook – maybe even using the small one)…OR…using a web-based app. That way, if the Dare’s browser is up to snuff, I’m golden.

    Yeah, $30 for 24 months…not a good choice for me right now. Care to share what your needs were, especially since you were looking at the Curve, too?


  4. Bob W says:

    I find it ironic how many people get caught up with the gadgets and pay little attention to the service provider. The sad part of the I-phone (at least as far as i know) is that it comes only from AT&T which company when used in the same sentence as customer service is an oxymoron. I stick with Verizon for the primary reason of their absolutely superior customer oriented service standards. Only a couple companies in the US get this concept as well as Verizon. ATT is a JOKE in the customer service department — right up there with TIme Warner Cable. I vote with my feet when it comes to supporting what you sell. Take care of me and you will get my $$$$ !!!. It’s that simple.

  5. RiverKeeper says:

    @ Bob W –

    It’s true. I stuck with Verizon. I need a phone that works just about all the time. I went through every free iPhone app and downloaded it to my computer JUST in case. But in the end, I need a phone.

    I’ll end up paying about the same price each month for service for our two phones since I went with a Curve for my wife and I. But I need service and responsiveness…even though the order I placed on Saturday never went through when I called to check in on Monday. Don’t drop the ball too many time folks. I’m willing to shop around.

  6. Marissa says:

    I have had the Dare for about 2 months and am not really that impressed with it. I had the Envy, then the Voyager, and now the Dare. I am trying to decide if I want to get the Curve. I don’t like the texting on the Dare…..I thought it would be much better. I also don’t like the Internet capabilities…..I want something that I can go to everydat Web sites and be able to view them. How are you feeling about the Curve?

  7. RiverKeeper says:

    Hi, Marissa.

    I have been really happy with Curve so far. Service for the #1 function of said device, using as a phone, has been fantastic. Access to just about anything via EVDO is really fast.

    My only complaint? I’m already a Crackhead who furiously is looking for cool (and free) apps to play with.

    I’m sorry the Dare hasn’t been working out for you so well. From your feedback, maybe it would have been the device for me since it would have limited my access to any thing at any time. Who said too many choices was good for us?

    I’m not sure how the Dare’s browser and the Curve’s (I tried Opera Mini, but I actually like the stock browser better so far) compare, but getting online is a snap. It’s more expensive for both of our phones now, but since I can’t take my laptop around with me everywhere now that classes are over, it’s nice to have the little device to stay connected during my frantically busy schedule. YMMV.

    Best of luck.

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