Stanley Cup Finals – Go Wings!!

It’s on, folks.  We made it to the Finals.  I’ve been able to watch a ton of really amazing hockey all playoffs, including my team (the Wings) which I saw so rarely on tv being out there in New Hampshire.

But it’s on.

And it outta be a great series.

The hockey this year has been so so good.  Like really really phenomenal.  What is happening on the ice forgives double scheduling the Detroit Pistons playoff run.  And as I told a buddy of mine (who’s never played the game and complains about everything) who was ranting about scheduling conflicts and tv coverage and all:  DON’T LISTEN TO BETTMAN!!  Why would you listen to an interview with him?  Why would you give him the time of day?  You know crap is gonna come out of his mouth.

So the “product” on the ice is what we’re all here for.

And it’s gonna be a dandy.

Livin’ the dream.

Go Wings!


Rites of Passage – Allergies

It seems a bit odd to me to put the rites of passage and allergies together, but there really is a reason.

I did not have allergies growing up.  At all.  Then, cats and pollen and who knows what else started bothering me.  Spring became a difficult time since I love to be outside and I would get just filled with sinus pressure and misery.  This happened year after year.  10+ years later, I think it’s time to accept that fact that I have allergies.  Really.  😉

So as a rite of passage to personhood, to soul self (a la Bill Plotkin and others), adulthood self, etc., it’s time to just say aloud, “I have allergies.”

I am a part of the landscape.  I exist here in this time and place.  I can use medicine.  All of these are lessons I have learned recently in the past year, and they apply to allergies.  Yes, allergies.

Acceptance.  Saying “Yes” to the unfolding of life.  Sometimes this acceptance ss not so glamorous or intense or mind-blowing.  It’s just dealing with allergies.

And the wild thing about all of this?  Even though I am declaring this aloud now, I have been closer to acceptance over the past year.  This season, even though we had a long, beautiful, white winter here in New Hampshire, I am hardly being bothered by them at all.

Moving through (…or something…)

Onward and upward.

Blind Melon “For My Friends” – Welcome back, boys

There is not enough space on this page or time in this day to tell the BIG story about my relationship with this band. But let’s just keep this short, sweet, and simple and share how great it feels to hear these guys playing music together again.

All the side projects and other gigs they each did over the past decade-plus were fun, but there really is a magic to what these guys can do. And welcome, Travis.

I have to admit that this is the first album/CD I’ve purchased in quite a long time. Go out and buy it. It’s a great listen, no matter what your story is.

Loving the importance of my friends,


Dog ears that still smell

So Samson’s ears are still funky and getting worse. What seemed to be a “new” funk appears to be the usual yeast, brown, gross funk. Allergies have crept in, his immune system gets taken for a ride, and it’s itch itch itch.

I need to stay on top of cleaning them frequently. Temaril-P has worked well for him in the past. No itching, no scratching. Side effects include a slightly lower energy level (but not that noticeable) and a reduction in shedding. The shedding issue is actually quite nice as there is less yellow lab dog hair all over our house, our clothes, etc. BUT, when it’s spring leading to summer and his winter coat is still falling out, I don’t think it’s the best time to halt that process. Not sure if this is a common side effect or something I’m just making up. In the past it seems like this is what happens all the time, so I don’t think I’m making it up. It sure does relieve the itching.

I have another concern. He takes phenobarb (low dose) and the last thing I want is more drugs in his system that might tax his liver and system. He’s just about 7 years old and high maintenance enough (2 knee surgeries, a 4-night stay in the hospital, allergy-free dog food, etc.). Cleaning his ears is definitely a pain and takes a decent amount of time to do it right. With 2 boys two-years old and under, time and energy are a precious commodity.

But I don’t want him to itch this bad. It also gets a bit old watching and listening to him grind his tongue (ear muffs) in and around his butt (one of his itchy places). Sounds like a suction cup or something. Yes, gross. Grosser than just reading it, that’s for sure.

So we’ll see what’s next. We’ve used some drops on top of cleaning them, and that has kept things at bay in the past, but we’re just holding off the inevitable until we deal with the source, and dealing with the source pretty much includes just taking the Temaril-P since we won’t be moving until the end of the summer (and no guarantee that will work either).

Any luck? Is your lab or other type of dog allergic to everything under the sun? Any ways to combat this without drugging up your loved, 4-legged family member?


Hobbies, Self-Care, Vision, and Joy

Tomorrow is my last day of class.  I woke up this morning really tied up in knots.  For many reasons, some obvious, some not so obvious.  It’s interesting for me to notice that the past two days I have been knowing I need some exercise…even a walk.  I could feel that tension building to a degree that even in the rain, I needed to get moving.

So waking up all tied up today sans exercise (the past few days as well as for way too long – only 2 road bike rides so far) was all the more difficult knowing I’d have to really push to make time to release some energy.

After tomorrow, I should have more time for many things that have been left behind, neglected, forgotten about, etc. during this 4-year marathon of a graduate school program.  And to think I still have a full year of internship and dissertation left…

What are some of those things (not so much “people”  because those ones are too obvious) that, in between today’s bouts of excitement, sadness, joy, and despair, come to mind?

•    Photography (in particular more nature photography I used to do)
•    Gardening (we’ve had a pretty sweet garden the past 2 years, but it was starting from scratch and now we’re moving)
•    Exercise (weights, triathlons, mountain biking come to mind as things I haven’t done.  I’ll keep up on hockey, hopefully snowboarding a few times next season, road biking (still new to me), and showing the boys what nature is.)
•    “My Practice” – this is what I call the larger things that make up spiritual practice and growth
•    My Vision – time to go back to the Vision Quest and ween or prune out what’s not useful anymore.

This is just a starting point.  But it’s refreshing to know that I might have some psychic space opening up to “tend the garden.”

But first, I can’t wait to experiment with trying to stay in bed for 24 straight hours.  Recovery begins on Tues.

Cell phones, Smartphones, Blackberries, PDAs, Treos, hipsters and more

So here’s what I’d like in a perfect world: a reliable cell phone that gets great service.  Period.  Sure I live in a not-so-populated area of New Hampshire now, but this is the 21st century.  C’mon.  I’m also moving to southern CT in a few months, so that will completely eliminate any option of a service provider screwing up, right?

I also looking for this device to have more functionality that just being a phone.  I’m looking for some productivity and fun.

Productivity: some email (not necessarily pushed) and some way to use the getting things done (GTD) methodology.  There are a few applications I use with Mac OS X that I’d like to have on the phone, but I’m also open to revisiting web-based apps.  As for pure paper-based?  I just don’t think it’s gonna cut it.  I definitely do some things better on paper (e.g., brainstorm), but in the end, my little slips of papers for the HAVE-TOs for a particular day just aren’t enough for me.  I’ve tried tons of apps, so I don’t even know where to start in terms of what apps work with what phones.

I need something to help with my idea of “sticky discipline.”

Fun: While I don’t have any visions of turning into one of those folks who’s playing with a phone sitting down to eat somewhere, I do want to play a bit.  Music, web surfing, maps, some videos, hell old Atari 2600 vid games (wouldn’t that be perfect for a 2.5″-3″ screen??!), and Facebook (yes, I just got on and am having a fun time tooling around with this.  It’s a party I’m ok being very late to) are a start.

I’m also currently a Verizon subscriber, and from what I’ve heard, it might be a good idea to stay with them.  Even family with AT&T and an iPhone down there say the service leaves something to be desired.  I’m guessing that’s not going to change even with a new model coming out soon.

So I’ve been looking at the Samsung Glyde, iPhone, Blackberry Curve and a few others.  This Sony Ericsson Experia X1 looks like what I want, but I’m not sure what service it’ll use and it’s likely to be pretty pricey.

Obviously these are all pretty different, but I’m flexible.  I can also geek out like the best of them, so that’s the direction I’d err in.  I’m also a bit confused about the whole notion of an unlocked phone.  Well, I think I get how it works, but how to make it happen is a different story.  Plus, I’m not ready to pay $800 for a phone.  Verizon’s going to give me my NE2 and some other cash as I get to the end of my contract.

So any advice?  I’ve searched high and low and not found anyone speaking this directly to my needs.  Some need email from their company’s server (I don’t), some don’t care about music or videos (I’d like to be able to do that), etc.  I don’t currently have a GPS device (want one) and I don’t think I can afford a new cellie AND an iTouch (plus, the iTouch only have up to 32gigs of space?? ).

If you’ve stumbled upon this site and courageously read this far, I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.  It would really help me out.  I’m hoping to make a decision in the next couple of months, if not sooner.

Smelly dog ears

So now Samson, our yellow lab, has a new ear funk.  It’s not as dark as the usual one, but with his allergies kicking in now that the snow is gone, we get to see some new ear funk.

And, like usual, it smells really bad.  Not as gross looking, but stinky.

Poor guy.  He’s itchy all over, shedding all over, and still giving us love all over.  I wish he weren’t allergic to so many things.  He has not been an inexpensive member of the family.  Thankfully (for him) he’s really good-looking and well-behaved and a lover to us and the boys.

Now to do round two of cleaning them out…as soon as I can clear a pathway through the hair on the floor…