Sitting in a weekend course.  Fatigue is all encompassing. Two boys under two years old is part of the context.

Lovely fatigue.

I’m tired.

I think a month of rest might be in the cards this summer once my courses are all done and before my pre-doc internship starts.



2 thoughts on “Fatigue

  1. Hi integralminds,

    I know the feeling of having a little person under two-years-old. Like you, I am trying to cope up with the stress of being a working mom and a student. I am currently taking a masteral’s degree. Very tiring indeed. I haven’t tasted any of my fruits of labor but I am hoping that it will be a sweet harvest in the end.

    Good luck!


  2. integralminds says:

    Thanks for stopping by, 21stcenturymom. Gets pretty overwhelming, eh?! I am just looking forward to this summer when I should have a break…well, not from the kids, but from most everything else. We’ll see how long it takes to recoup!

    Be well.

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