Avoid or Embrace “The Trap?”

You love “Getting Things Done” (GTD), ZTD, hacks, software, pens, systems, tech toys, Moleskines, and websites that shine a light on the infinite ways to be more productive and potentially feel better while doing it.

You search, tweak, experiment, read, type, write, and brainstorm during your quest for the right productivity FIT between your system and your personality, career, lifestyle, and needs.

And on your way, you realize you’ve been ensnared by a trap. Rather than being productive and consistently getting things done, you spin in a circle rather than move forward. Granted, even a happy dog will walk in a tight circle multiple times just before laying down in the oh-so-just-right place. But too much circling and you’ve dug yourself a hole.

Let me change the “you” in this post to “we” for accuracy sake. What do WE of this lot do when we find ourselves stuck in the trap? Do we just pretend it’s not there and avoid it all together, or should we embrace it?

Do we “pathologize” our tendency to fall into this trap or do we use it as a sign that we need (yes, still) a new system?

What have you done?


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