Who do you put on your blogroll?

As a newbie attempting to keep up on a blog, the blogroll seems to be a pretty basic part of one’s site.  How do you decide who to put on there?  Any specific criteria?

I’m also wondering when you allow others to actually post entries on your blog?  Is it more accepted to have a site dedicated to multiple authors, or to sporadically let one or two others post on your own blog?

Let’s see where this one goes…



Saying Good-bye

Almost 4 years in one place – one house, one town, one main job (grad school). This is the longest I’ve been in one place in quite some time. I suppose I lived in Ann Arbor for longer during my undergrad yeras, but there was a new room or new house every year. Even going back to Ann Arbor for over a year afterwards was great, but still different.

But this place, this land, this community, this endeavor, these people – it’s going to be so hard to leave, and I’m sure leaving won’t be just driving away. It’s already started, and I’m sure it will continue after the house is packed up and we roll out of town. The connections, the trials, the work, the experiences. Rich. Heavy.

It is safe to say that I have never connected to people and a place like I have here. Truly. It speaks to the power of this place and people, but also to my own journey and growth. It has rarely been easy, but I’ve gotten my hands in things I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve pushed harder than I’ve ever pushed.

The wild thing is that we don’t even know where we’ll be living next year…where the boys will be in daycare. Sure I know where my Internship will be, but there’s no place lined up, no other income. Fortunately, there are some family and friends in that area, but they can’t really put a roof over our heads for the most part.

But the attention right now is on the good-bye. There are some rituals in my program that will happen in a week. I’ll have to think of some for myself as well.

The way life unfolds continues to blow me away. Even at this moment, I am seeing a client/patient who has been through a great deal of loss recently. He is struggling to say good-bye while at the same time moving forward with his own health. Recently, I reminded him that my time here is limited as well. My next move is public knowledge. He quickly tensed up, fearing another loss and more abandonment.

So, I’ll finish up this section of my training with a parallel process working it’s magic. We are both learning how to let go, to say good-bye, to open up to new beginnings, and to just saying “Yes” to the unfolding of life. Right at this critical intersection, we’ll have to say good-bye to each other.

I have left places with a bummed heart. I have left places with a middle finger flying in the air as I drove away. I have left places without barely noticing. I have left places wondering why I was leaving.

I will leave this place in such a new and different way. In that process I will say “Good-Bye.” I hope I do it well.

Form and Function Within GTD and Productivity Systems

Well, this topic applies to many things, but these are my thoughts as they pertain to trying to find a system that works for me in the domain of GTD and productivity. I have tried many systems. None seem to have the “stickiness” factor I am looking for which will take me away from tinkering and onwards in the direction of doing.

I also have to recognize that sticking to ANYTHING is difficult for me. For example, I think the longest stretch of consistently working out with weights has been about four months. Three months is average. A cycle…with, um breaks in the middle.

Today, I find myself in a place, not so surprisingly, with a system that seems to be taking shape at the tail end of an endeavor. How many times do we get it “right” near the end?? It drives me bat-shyt-crazy, but at least I am often consistent.

This system has sort of taken shape with thoughts around form and function. I can finally say with confidence that certain aspects of a system MUST be present. I have not always been able to say that. No matter how many times I dig-on great Mac OS X apps, if I don’t have something handy-dandy in front of me while driving, for instance, things get missed. I need something ultraportable.

Now, not all of my software apps sync well with my ancient Palm Tungsten T. I don’t consistently (see, I knew it would come up again) use the damn Palm anyway. I find myself writing little notes down and taking them with me. These notes could be a combination of any context or project that needs to get done, but it’s sort of like the “this pretty much needs to happen today” list. Lots of folks are working with this approach now, it seems.

For now, the function of needing something small, simple, and ultraportable in front of me is a given. What specific form does it take?

I suppose I am still trying to figure it out, but maybe it doesn’t matter so much. I am going to tinker regardless. I am going to look online and talk to folks about the latest and greatest app or hack. This I know. With that in mind, some days may be paper, and some days may be from an app on my laptop, and if I can get my Palm to let me go back to the main finder screen, that device may resurface as well. (What I really want is the perfect phone. Suggestions?)

But I do not need to start looking at systems from scratch, and for me, that is a big deal. To have some “object permanence” in the basic functions I need is half the battle. The form, is, well, just the form.

When broke-grad-student-with-family transitions into income-generating-person-who-is-not-freaking-out-about-still-being-in-school (alas, still broke for a while), I might have more access to forms (read: TOYS) I love to play with. That will be cool.


I really don’t like using tags.  Anywhere.  Ever.

I have a hard enough time deciding between which calendar and GTD productivity tool to use on a thrice-daily basis.  Adding tags on top of that?

Sure, it’s an issue of committing to ANYTHING.  Hell, they’re just words.  I’m not trying to win any competitions.  But where the hell do I start?

I wonder if there’s been a dissertation on one’s capacity and frequency of using tags and a measure of one’s creativity, well-being, obsessive tendencies, boredom, etc.

And like that, in under two minutes, I can come up with 4 new dissertation topics for someone.  I should start doing that for a living.  Any tips?

Do you have a Vision?

Do you have a picture or image of some sort of what sets out ahead of you?  Are you at the stage of living or implementing your Vision such that there is little in terms of physical form to show for it?

How do you cultivate it?  How do you continue to move it forward, accept life’s unfolding and maintain the momentum, focus, or attention to see it through?

I guess it is the million dollar question…

Sticky Discipline

This, yes, this very entry, is an attempt at what I’ll call “sticky discipline.”

Why “sticky?” Because I often do not consider myself disciplined in any way, shape or form. Sure I can be single-minded and focused like a laser, but passion more aptly describes the motivating force behind any action.  Short or long bursts.

But discipline? Not so much.

So to make the blog experiment work (with no assumption of what the outcome of this will be yet), I am attempting to make writing every day something that sticks.

Sticky discipline. If anyone sees this phrase used in, umm, adult movies of any sort, let me know so I can collect my royalites…from the phrase, not the movie.

Now if I can just use this same approach to write on a daily basis to get my dissertation into a form that exists outside of my mind.

NHL Playoffs Ready to Rock

It is just fantastic when the small things in life shine on you and alleviate some of the weight. We go to our the well and to our allies, and these can take many forms. For me, in the spring? It’s here:

The NHL Playoffs

It is a display of some of the most intense human effort known to man, especially for the teams that not only survive the regular season but progress throughout the road to the Stanley Cup.

I could go on and on about the many facets of my experience, but if you know…well, you just know. If you don’t, give it a shot. It’s good medicine. 😉