Youth Sports & Coaching Expectations

There is a great deal to say about this fairly vague title. When I have the time to dive deeper and set the context more fully, this topic (and others) will split off into at least a couple of more focused threads.

For now, the place marker is to establish a dialogue with one’s self, team, players’ parents, and coaching staff about what the expectations are for a given season. What is the level of play? What is the expected level of competition? What type of experience and coaching/training are the players bringing to the table?

In youth hockey, as in many other areas of sports and performance (all of this is just as important in the arts and music, mind you), the level of competition continues to increase, expectations follow, and those gaps are fertile ground for, yet a fine line between, either a tremendous learning experience or a horrible experience for all of those involved.

What skill set do you have to navigate this crucial territory? What are the means and frequency of communication between players, coaches, and parents? How do you know when you’re headed in the right direction and when you’re headed down a detrimental path?

These are only three of a countless number of questions to be asked. And here is a place to discover the answers.

Let’s play.


And it lives…

Is this thing on?

It sure is.  Glad to see this old bus remembers how to start up.  And the website runs, too.  😉

I’ve been meaning to begin writing again, this time beginning by narrowing the focus to the compost, the roots, the beginnings of a professional blog that would complement my practice.  The style, format, content, and placement of this will continue to evolve, but unless I discover a better place for it, this is where it will [re]start.

That is all for now.

Ok, this is veeeeery annoying…

Soooo, I can either throw ecto under the bus for not posting the body of this first post to the blog, or I can pretend that I never hit save (I DID!) and what uploaded (a blank post) is what I had.

Regardless, here’s to coming back into the game, distracted, unorganized, desperately still in need of dissertation progress, and ready to kick the sh*t out of anything that interrupts my flow and momentum on writing.
* clicks “SAVE” *

I guess I did it…

…but I’m not ready to check this one off. One entry for each? Ok, I’m a perfectionistic dump oftentimes so I don’t write. Plus they are currently both on my nightstand, and by the time I enter my own horizontal position near my nightstand, it’s lights out, people.

But it’s started. I need to shorten entries up. Of course, I’d rather just videotape the whole mad scene every single moment since it’s generally all breathtaking (even if my breath is sucked out from chasing the 3 year old or from trying to tear my skin off my skin). If I can manage one a month, or one a week, then I’m crossing this puppy off.

Take me to the river, drop me in the water.

As an ex-whitewater river guide, River has taught me many things, possibly even more once I stopped guiding. So this is one of my main metaphors for this project. And I have some things lines up, like meds (!), time, and almost a bit of clarity. Drop me in the river dammit, because I know how to navigate and survive WITH holding on to a sense of wonder and awe while I’m in it.

Now (here comes Mr. Excuse) if only this neuropsych testing report would go away so I could just focus on this proposal…hard to cook and run a river, so having two big things at once is a reasonable cough excuse.

But I’m all for nudging others if in fact I can get nudged, too! Let’s have substantial (all??) portions of our proposals done by Monday, August 31, 2009. I’m done with my Internship on Friday, August 28, so I’m allotting a day or so to party and recover. It’s the least I can do after being torn about this year.

By the way, I also do not know what the final form will look like either. Qualitative is the direction I’m leaning, but if I can do a quantitative project, that would be cool, too. I haven’t done one full-bore before, and I’d like the experience. Of course, the best dissertation is a DONE dissertation, and I also have the option of doing a program design/evaluation that would line up what I would do with data, but by proposing a program, I don’t have to actually carry it out. A bit more work on the front end (proposal) but a great project nonetheless, and it might be something I can actually implement (like my own little business plan).

Ok, start paddling. “All ahead!”